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YouR Trustworthy and Visionary Financial Printer

Our Professionals

Our team has vast experience on serving the financial printing industry for years, with you as the captain, we are here to ensure that the ship sail as smoothly as possible, you can rest assured that we will be with you every leg of the trip, starting from initial idea until your content reaches its final destination


Management Team is at the helm of Solomon, our business thrives under their supreme leadership.

Account Servicing

AS Team offers round the clock service to support our clients. Our CS team acts as intermediate between clients and vendors to ensure an effortless process.


Designers renowned for its creativity and originality. Designs are based on our clients’ idea and develop into unique masterpiece. Their craftsmanship is beyond compared.

Business Development

Our Business Development teammates consistently looking for opportunity to development our brand and their unique sense of understanding our clients’ need make them top of the business.


Marketing Team oversees the partnership with NGOs and facilitates a smooth operation in the office.


Our proofreaders are always prepared to serve our clients to complete their projects in a proper and timely manner.


Our procurement expert sources around the world to help our clients finding the best terms and selections.


Our IT team understand security is our clients top concern and we can assure your data will be safe in the hand of our IT team.


With strong expertise in different professions and in-depth knowledge in financial terms usage, our well-drilled translation team, proficient in both Chinese and English.


Typesetters and operation teammates are always ready to serve and help clients to complete their projects in a swift and accurate manner. We are adept at handing various types of financial and legal documents.

Let’s Make Something Great Together.

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24 hours Hotline : +852 3900 9600

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